What Is Chlorine Dioxide?



As mentioned earlier, chlorine dioxide compound liberated from the MMS product is a much safer alternative to use over the more commonly known disinfectant chlorine. Chlorine is indiscriminate regarding what it will kill, whereas chlorine dioxide will only destroy selectively. Additionally, no harmful compounds are created via the mixing with other elements in the water – the same can not be said about chlorine.

Over the years, many studies have shown that chlorine creates at least three carcinogenic compounds when it enters the body – in particular trihalomethanes (THMs). At this stage, there has been no evidence to date about any such deadly metabolites with chlorine dioxide – bear in mind that chlorine dioxide has been around for many decades as well.

Perhaps this is why, the late 90’s, the American Society of Analytical chemists declared this chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful known killer of pathogens currently known to man – this is not a small statement by any measure. 

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