MMS – Uncloaked!

Whenever any product is hailed as a miracle supplement, this usually is enough to open itself up to attack from all quarters – requiring only the fullness of time for the cracks to appear about the efficacy of a product. Guess, what, I have been waiting for a long time – but consensus has it that this product is here to stay, and that it works, and works well. If you continue to read on, you will find that the science behind this product is quite simple – yet the results are so impressive that it indeed seems like a miracle!

A Humble Beginning

Both this product and the way in which it is used were developed by a man named Jim Humble. Jim has a long list of accomplishments, and is responsible for many modern appliances that we take for granted. But at the time, Jim was a gold miner and minerals expert on an expedition into the jungles of Central America looking for gold. The story begins when two members of the expedition suddenly were struck down with Malaria, with the closest source of help being more than two days away. After many years of spending time in remote areas, Jim had learnt that by adding a weak solution of sodium chlorite solution to his drinking water, this was enough to purify it and thus make it drinkable. With the distinct possibility of losing two members of the team, he gave each a dose of this solution. Within the period of two hours, both men were up and smiling happily. This was enough to justify a search for a much more detailed explanation upon his return to America.

Over the period of several years, Jim discovered what is was that made stabilized oxygen so effective in some cases against the virus malaria. He found that it wasn’t the oxygen at all, but rather the small amounts of chlorine dioxide given off. After much research, he discovered that the amount of chlorine dioxide could be increased enormously, and this was by using a greater concentration of sodium chlorite. Initially he was using a solution of approximately 3%, until he realized that by using a solution within the range of 28% – 32%, a much smaller but more potent dose could be administered, and with far greater health benefits.

 As Jim furthered his research, the actual critiquing of the final formulation was performed in different parts of Africa, in which he has successfully treated over 2500 people personally who suffered from malaria, and with the missionaries that he has trained, reached a number of over 75,000 people. Its well worth a look at the documented information regarding all of Jim Humble’s field testing, and this can be read in the form of a free 120 plus page eBook at the site  The book is titled, The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. This expose is written by Jim Humble himself, and is full of material and scientific findings that support his findings. There is a second book available, and this is Part two as a continuation of the first book. This piece has a small price tag attached, with all revenue going back into a non for profit enterprise aimed at making MMS more accessible to all.

 If you plan on trying this product yourself, it is important that you read part one, so as to equip you with a better understanding of how this compound works, and what to expect as possible side effects. Most people do fail to understand that with any detoxification therapy, there is an inevitable die – off of micro organisms and an elimination of toxins within the body. The salient fact of the matter is that almost all of us are somewhat toxic and hampered by today’s modern life style, with our health often being far from optimal.

 For a long time I thought myself to be free of toxins and parasitic encumbrances, but upon starting the MMS regime I was very much mistaken – after consuming the 8th drop twice per day, I was overcome with nausea and other certain signs of detoxification. My own experience within the health arena suggested that perhaps I wasn’t as “clean” as I had once thought! Even when we feel our health is good, in most cases in can be better – MMS is a potent anti viral, anti bacterial, and anti fungal compound, and is something that almost all of us should try at some time.

 From here after, I will describe how best to use MMS, based upon Jim Humble’s own recommendations and given protocol. If followed correctly, the compound chlorine dioxide will be shuttled to most parts of your body, allowing one of natures most potent and effective pathogen killers to do its work.

 Before we begin, lets start with a little background chemistry.

 Upon looking at the chlorine dioxide molecule, it is easy to confuse the chlorine part of this compound with the more commonly known chlorine gas. Chlorine in its elemental state is found abundantly within nature, most readily bound to the element sodium – as this is the primary ingredient in common table salt.

 Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound that is made up of one chlorine ion and two ions of oxygen.  

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing agent that actively accepts electrons from what are more commonly known as “electron donors.” This distinction is important to understand, as all pathogenic stressors are electron donors. It is interesting to note that all healthy tissue and organisms that inhabit the human body are unaffected by chlorine dioxide.

 This compound is highly volatile, and is rarely transported by industry in the form of chlorine dioxide. Most often it is moved around in its more benign state as sodium chlorite. More common applications for this compound is the use in municipal water treatment, in which chlorine dioxide is systematically being replaced across the country as the number one choice for water purification – the more conventionally used chlorine breaks down into cancerous by products.

 Chlorine dioxide has been approved by the EPA decades ago in its ability to remove pathogens and contaminants like anthrax – this itself is an obvious testament to the efficacy of this compound. In these applications, the strength of the solution is in the vicinity of 500 to more than 6000 parts per million (ppm), which would obviously be a fatal dose for an individual. Jim Humble’s protocol will have you ingesting a chlorine dioxide concentration of approximately ppm. It is interesting to note that this molecule breaks down rapidly into carbon dioxide and water, with a half life of roughly 1 hour.

 By having your own sodium chlorite and appropriate activator on hand, which is totally safe to transport, you can make your own pathogen remover that can effectively be applied to the inside of the body.

 Jim Humble’s final solution of MMS consists of 28% of sodium chlorite in a mix of distilled water. Chlorine dioxide can be manufactured on site by mixing 5 drop of citric acid activator with 1 drop of MMS (sodium chlorite).

 The range of chlorine dioxide ingestion can range from 1 drop anywhere up to 15 drops. Initially, most individuals are recommended to begin with 1 drop of MMS with 5 drops of activator, and then slowly work up to 15 drops of MMS, coupled with 75 drops of citric acid solution. After adding the activator, 3 minutes are required before the solution is ready to ingest – but more n this later. After this maximum has been reached, a maintenance dose of 6 drops of MMS solution once per day is recommended.

 The active constituent within the activator is acetic acid. It has been said that lemon juice and certain vinegar types can be used, and this is true, but can be an issue with certain pathologies such as lyme disease. I would recommend using only the activator suggested.

How it Works

In essence, chlorine dioxide is quite unique in how it works in synergy with the body’s immune system. As with most medicines, and also anti biotics, the body has the capacity to get used to the medication, and thus develop an immunity, or resistance after a period.

 Since this unique molecule is an oxidizer first and foremost, and a powerful one at that – it will always work on the basis of demanding electrons from pathogens. Also, since pathogens are uniquely different from other normal tissues of the body, their electrostatic charge will always be an attractive proposition to the chlorine dioxide molecule. Basically, the body cannot develop immunity to this substance, so it keeps on working at it has from day one.

It stands to reason that chlorine dioxide will work in a similar vein to how it works in the larger municipal water supplies against a whole host of unpleasant water borne diseases. Chlorine dioxide, interestingly enough, has been used within hospitals and agriculture for many decades before Humble’s discovery. As the human body is primarily composed of water, it is not such a large jump to begin to see how this compound can have similar effects within the waters of the human body.

The Mechanics behind the Compound

When a chlorine dioxide molecule comes in contact with a dangerous pathogen, the two have such a strong affinity for each other, the pathogen is instantly stripped of sometimes up to five electrons in one go – this is more than lethal for almost any nasty within the body.

The chlorine dioxide molecule is now spent, and is quite happy with its extra electrons, and begins to break down into its harmless constituents, whereas the electron donor has nothing left to give, and is in part converted into a salt – rendering the pathogen completely harmless.

The process sounds simple – but in essence the body absolutely loves it.

The chlorine dioxide structure circulates throughout the body, minding its own business, but as soon as it comes into contact with a pathogen, this exchange of electrons is inevitable and anything untoward will cease to exist.

The chlorine dioxide ion only reacts with tissues that have a ph of less than 7, meaning organisms that typically enjoy an acidic environment. It is now commonly known that many of today’s diseases and modern day pathologies are driven by an acidic internal environment – so this compound is actively destroying bacteria, viruses and toxins that typically only thrive in conditions where the ph is acidic.

Put more simply, anything with a positive charge tends to be acidic, and will donate electrons, thus making itself target for chlorine dioxide. Tissues and beneficial bacteria that tend to be a positive influence within the body have a ph higher than 7, and are alkaline in nature. These structures have a negative charge, thus will not interact with chlorine dioxide.

If the chlorine dioxide molecule finds nothing of interest as it circulates within the body, it has a half life of approximately one hour, breaking down into common table salt, and in some instances a useful and health promoting compound called hypochlorous acid.


A Pathogens Worst Nightmare

As mentioned earlier, chlorine dioxide is a much safer alternative to use over the more commonly known disinfectant chlorine. Chlorine is indiscriminate regarding what it will kill, whereas chlorine dioxide will only destroy selectively. Additionally, no harmful compounds are created via the mixing with other elements in the water – the same can not be said about chlorine.

Over the years, many studies have shown that chlorine creates at least three carcinogenic compounds when it enters the body – in particular trihalomethanes (THMs). At this stage, there has been no evidence to date about any such deadly metabolites with chlorine dioxide – bear in mind that chlorine dioxide has been around for many decades as well.

Perhaps this is why, the late 90’s, the American Society of Analytical chemists declared this chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful known killer of pathogens currently known to man – this is not a small statement by any measure. 

The Complete Cycle of Chlorine Dioxide within The body

After ingesting this compound, it enters the bloodstream and within a short period of time will accept 4 electrons from the first structure that it comes in contact with a ph value of less than 7. Chlorine dioxide is unique in its capacity to preferentially only target elements within the body that are acidic in nature, actively oxidizing them. Healthy tissue remains completely untouched.

Below is a more detailed explanation.

This compound is first absorbed via the blood supply that feeds the stomach, and finds it easy to cross the barrier here into the blood stream. As it passes through the digestive system, chlorine dioxide tends to enter the blood stream via a diffusing into the surrounding tissue, rather than following conventional models of absorption.

As the chlorine dioxide molecule enters the blood stream, it is picked up by red blood cells, along with all of the newly arrived oxygen, and carried together in such a way until it encounters something with the appropriate electrical charge. As soon as fungi, parasites, or diseased cells are encountered, or anything with a positive charge and low ph for that matter, are encountered, these invaders are neutralized, along with the chlorine dioxide ion.

If the chlorine dioxide fails to find anything that can act as a trigger, it will break down quickly, and begin to lose electrons. Recent studies into this area suggest that thee is a strong chance that as this compound begins to deteriorate, it combines with another substance that helps to actively increase the levels of hypochlorous acid. This substance is of utmost importance to the immune system, and actively kills pathogens – this is one of the first line of defenses within our own immune system.

The lack of hypochlorous acid with the body is given a name, and is commonly known as myeloeroxidase deficiency. Its interesting to note that many people are diagnosed with this condition – it’s often a prelude to certain auto immune conditions that later develop. When sickness develops, the demand for hypochlorous acid increases dramatically – just the time that MMS can be used most efficiently, as it kick starts this process very powerfully.

Incidentally, if there is very little within your body that requires the attention of the miracle mineral supplement, then the chlorine dioxide compound will break down harmlessly as already described. MMS works at its most efficient when the dosages increase proportionately to what level of pathogens are present within the body, so as one reaches approximately 2 – 3mg of available chlorine dioxide, this is when things really begin to happen.

Note: As dosages increase, it is rare for the individual not to pass through a period of nausea – this for most is unavoidable, but take heart, as this is a sure sign that there is a significant pathogenic die off taking place. 

Why the Sickness?

The nausea that is commonly experienced with the ingestion of MMS is a normal and to be expected process, and is described at length within Jim Humble’s free eBook.

As we progress along this journey of life, it is inevitable that we pick up different organisms that accompany us for the ride. Some of these are symbiotic, some are neutral – and others are outright damaging to our health. This picking up of pathogenic stressors takes place from time of birth, and often before. It happens so slowly and progressively that we often fail to notice – rather, after the passing of years and years, we begin to notice that certain bio markers of health begin to deteriorate.

Often we put this down to aging, but more so than not a lifetime of unchecked life style habits and pathogenic stressors are to blame.

As the chlorine dioxide ion shows little mercy, significant pathogenic die off and detoxification begin almost immediately after ingestion – even at low dosages. The accompanying nausea is often the body’s eliminative pathways working overtime. All toxins within the body have to pass through the liver to be eliminated, and a liver that is working overtime will tell the body to go easy – this is conveyed via the feeling of nausea.

Even though nausea can be somewhat discouraging, understand that this is only a prelude to better health once the body has finished eliminating years worth of toxins.

The beauty of chlorine dioxide is that if no nasties are encountered, then this compound begins to disintegrate after only a short period of time into harmless constituents. As the by – products are completely benign, there are no toxins that remain in the body afterwards. The conventional model that currently exists shows little regard for the chemical build up that often ensues  after the prescription of “normal medication” – not to mention the myriad of side effects and contraindications, etc.

The beauty of chlorine dioxide is that the compound is profoundly biodegradable – breaking down completely within hours into trace elements that leave the body without a trace.

Unlike conventional medications, chlorine dioxide has only a matter of hours to do what it does, before completely disappearing from the body – leaving no biochemical footprint that may adversely affect the body.

What Is The MMS Protocol?

After checking many different interpretations on how best to use MMS, I have settled upon Jim Humble’s Protocol as the one to use – who other than Mr Humble himself would know what works best.

Before we begin, its important to note that the MMS is always to be activated with the appropriate acid – either acetic acid, citric acid, lemon juice, etc. We have found the best and most reliable acid to use is citric acid that is supplied in a pre determined amount that will be used in a ratio of 5 drops of activator to 1 drop sodium chlorite. Many kits come with enough acid crystals to mix up approximately 600ml of activator, in which the activator bottle is re filled as needed.

The ratio should always be in the 5:1 spread – 5 drops of the appropriate activator to 1 drop sodium chlorite. This should be mixed in a clean dry glass, and then allowed to sit for at least three minutes before ingestion takes place.

Step 1: It is important to always begin MMS conservatively – no more that 1    drop initially (1 drop of sodium chlorite : 5 drops activator).

Step 2: If 1 drop once per day was ok, then increase the dosage to 1 drop twice per day. This will be one drop in the morning and one drop in the evening. If nausea does not present, then continue adding one drop to each dose each day. For example, day two would have you ingesting 2 drops of MMS in the morning and 2 drops in the evening (along with the appropriate amount of activator).

Continue in this fashion until the maximum of 15 drops twice per day is reached, or otherwise detoxification signs are reached – such as diarrhea, nausea and even sometimes vomiting are encountered. If a wall is reached, and you are displaying any of these symptoms, then decrease the dosage for 2 -3 days by approximately 1 – 2 drops. This holding pattern should be adhered to until any unpleasant symptoms of detoxification clear.

Step 3: The protocol outlined in step 2 above should be followed until such time as you reach a maximum of 15 drops twice per day without any signs of nausea. At this stage the dosage should be increased to 15 drops 3 times per day, with this dosage being maintained for a period of at least 7 days. The maintenance dose then should be roughly 5 drops per day for older people, and 5 drops twice per week for younger people.

Finishing Note: After step three has been completed, there will be very little bacterial, viral, mold or yeast activity within your body. When nausea is encountered, this is often discouraging for many – but in actual fact it should be taken as a sign that the MMS is working and working hard, as this is a part of the detoxification process, and has to be endured in order to come through the other side a new person. The feeling of nausea and associated side affects are the final stand being made by the pathogenic invaders, and they will not go down without a fight.

Be diligent, and persist with MMS – it will be more than worth it!