Below we provide links to a number of videos that currently exist demonstrating the growing movement among the populous regarding the increasing popularity of this amazing product called miracle mineral supplement.

As new videos come to light, we will endeavor to list them here so as to provide you with the most comprehensive compilation of information regarding this product, latest and best techniques on how to use this product.

Below is the first video released by Jim of a new series released to take the viewer through a process that will illumine you to the virtues of MMS – told first hand by real life individuals who are actively using the product and following the protocol.

This second video includes the very popular Adam Abraham who has gone to Mexico to spend time with Jim to further the knowledge of MMS, and to get the message to the people through his own radio program, his books, and his immensly succesful blog, which can be found at

This next video is of a qualified doctor speaking very in a very candid and matter of fact way about his personal experiences of the miracle mineral supplement, and how it has helped individuals within his practice. This man also adds a medical approach to the whole consideration, which for me is very important.


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