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The following testimonials have been sourced from a number of different blogs and informational reference points across the net, and are all from individuals not seeking financial remuneration from testimonials given. Rather, these are pieces of correspondence from other seekers of the truth, regaling us with their own personal experience with MMS.


Jarrod on May 9, 2008 at 6:14 pm

Hi, All:

With plans to pursue a degree in microbiology and biochemistry, I personally became very excited about discovering MMS and the long-range beneficial implications for all of us in pursuit of living lives as “drug-free well people” versus “drug-dependent-for-life sick people covering up many resolvable problems..”

I started one week ago for some of my personal issues, and on the first day of use the sinuses totally opened up and it’s been that way ever since. Nothing from the drug store or even any herb from the health food store has ever cleared this nasal garbage out so effectively. Both nasal passages are totally open, with no post nasal drip, no wheezing when I exhale, and my speaking voice is resonant and clear again and not that snotty-nosed sound when your sinuses are plugged up. This has been an issue since the mid 1970’s!!! SO I’M LOVIN’ THIS MMS!!!

Prescription Nilcol years ago would clear it up for 4 hours, but then knock me out for 6 and I’d wake with a horrible hangover. I couldn’t do my job like that. SO NO THANKS!!!

I feel a great sense of empowerment having discovered something so inexpesive for the world, and with such unique biochemistry on our side . . .ELECTRON DONORS (the bad guys) VERSUS ELECTRON ACCEPTORS (the chlorine dioxide) EQUALS “Zap” . . .GAME OVER FOR THEM.

I would suggest everyone please review this site I found by Dr. Thomas Hesselink regarding his research, analyses, and abstract of the biochemical use of chlorine dioxide as a pathogen-fighting protocol and its many possible potentials.

It gets to be very technical, but I found it to be very impressive as to his efforts into research to obtain his findings, and certainly encouraging for all of using MMS and subjectively experiencing our own validation of its effectiveness.

And the skeptics and “experts” perhaps should utilize his professional, open-minded, objective approach regarding MMS, and instead of “theorizing” what MMS does or does not do, can or cannot do, or what the body will or will not do upon ingestion of MMS, test it first to verify their assertions and then advise us in a factual, informative and constructive way instead of an attack to discredit and undermine and scare users and potential users by applying biochemical response standards that they know versus biochemical response standards that they don’t know about MMS specifically.

Otherwise, it stinks to low hell to me as being “a spy” or “a mole” monitoring various web sites perhaps on behalf of some corporate entity who is starting to shake in its boots at the huge potential loss of profits if MMS becomes a worldwide known unprecedented medicinal phenomenon.


Penny on March 17, 2008 at 8:22 pm

In reply to your post.

 All over the world people believe in doctors/medical practitioner and pharmaceutical companies. A lot of people don’t believe in this MMS really until they try it. When people try it they found out is amazing. All big companies don’t want it to be sell to everyone because they make money from you when you are sick. Doctors all over the world are using MMS but they won’t tell you. Thanks to Jim humble who discovered MMS. If I am rich I will give him $4million for this discovery.
I never heard of MMS until I search internet one day and found MMS.
My pain is almost gone and my chronic sinus is gone after just one week of use.

 I can’t believe it.
MMS is amazing and great discovery of our time. You better try it or doctors take way your money and doctors will not cure you but treat you.


Below is a short excerpt taken from an authority site on health, its author goes on to address how MMS works against mucous deposits within the body. He says;

I wrote about a woman recently who took MMS for melanoma, which caused it to begin to begin shrinking. One of the residual effects was that she noticed a marked improvement in her breathing. Although she had not mentioned it to me, she has had asthma for many years. My documentary explains how chlorine dioxide breaks down “biofilm” that certain bacteria will produce and live in. We recognize it as mucous. They colonize within it and are protected from antibacterials.

Chlorine dioxide breaks down the biofilm, and then oxidizes the colony.

No one can tell how quickly you can get rid of your asthma with this protocol. Your choice is best served by understanding how it works, and whether it would be safe and effective on you, and then using it to determine for yourself.

I will say this: it will take a lot LESS time to rid yourself of the mucous than it did accumulating it. In addition, the chlorine dioxide will oxidize pathogens in any part of your body, and address toxicity issues that you may not even know you have.









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