MMS & Cardiovascular Disease

The following testimonials have been sourced from a number of different blogs and informational reference points across the net, and are all from individuals not seeking financial remuneration from testimonials given. Rather, these are pieces of correspondence from other seekers of the truth, regaling us with their own personal experience with MMS.


Rapid de – congesting of vascular system

The stuff in question is ‘MMS’ or ‘Miracle Mineral Supplement’ which is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite, which is activated by interaction with acetic acid or citric acid, then is ingested and becomes Chlorine Dioxide in the body.This stuff is ENORMOUSLY powerful and unfortunately, can be DANGEROUS by virtue of the fact that it can strip arterial plaque out so fast that it doesn’t allow any time for healing of those arteries.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it, and am having heart trouble right now because of it. This is not a negative post. Before launching into this, do not do so without getting and reading the second book, where the author does warn about this very thing. I didn’t understand. Now I do.

Before doing this, if you have the slightest notion that you may have any heart troubles, or even if you’re older than 30, build yourself up first with a full range of L-Ascorbic Acid and natural Vitamin C containing products like Acerola Powder, and/or eat a lot of citrus fruit if you can handle it, for at least 2 weeks previous to taking MMS.

Also load yourself with potassium and magnesium first.

Once you start MMS, it *may* destroy Vitamin C in your system, so it may be best to take MMS only once a day, and take the C products on the other 12 hour side. C in the morning, MMS at night.

MMS can induce the most extreme of Herxheimer reactions. I have bought activated charcoal and have Bentonite Clay on hand to deal with the Herx when I have my next run at MMS, which won’t be for another week at least, maybe longer.

Now to the specifics of how MMS can ’cause’ heart trouble:

The arteries of the heart, the ones that deliver blood from the heart to the heart, those arteries collapse with every heartbeat. Without enough vitamin C and collagen*, they weaken at the stress points. The body packs cholesterol onto these weak places. The cholesterol becomes pathogen infested and turns into plaque. Chlorine Dioxide attacks and strips this plaque, exposing the weakened arterial wall beneath. Then you have problems. All of this is in book two, but perhaps not warned about harshly enough.

(*I have just started taking ‘Super Collagen’ by Neocell, and it also seems to help my heart.)

In just a very few days, MMS exposed and killed a large infection in my right sinuses. I knew I had it but I had no idea how truly bad it was until the MMS went after it.

Don’t jump into this with both feet and go splashing around. Don’t be stupid like me, and a few others. MMS is great stuff, but so powerful that you must use caution with it.

Now, don’t anybody get all worried about me. I’m fine. This has been a learning experience for me and I do believe I’m going to emerge from this even stronger. I sure am smarter already ;>)


PS- Somebody is going to come back and say ‘I’ll never take that.’ Well, I am going to take it again. This is in no way to be construed as anti-MMS. It’s just a caution.


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  1. Daddybob
    Thanks for going to the trouble of giving a SPECIFIC warning
    I have had 20/30 heart attacks after a Tiger snake bite and just had my 13th stent [new medicated type]in last 18 years

    Take q10, Lcarnitine, alpha lipoic, b12 plus other stuff that l have researched for circulation and oxidisation

    Will start on 1/2 or 1 drop and take it from there…
    your comment was CON..not DEstructive and has put me on guard more than l would have been , and that is good..will literally take to heart ALL you have said.
    Will also post here when any results come through

    Thank you and
    Christian regards
    Bruce Woodhouse

  2. Can you please provide more details as to your use MMS to treat cardiovascular disease. How many days, weeks or months did it take to remove the plaque. How many drops a day were you taking and how many times a day were you taking them,

    Did you use any other therapy in conjunction with MMDS.

    Thanks Joe

  3. I submitted this inmquiry two days ago and have not received an answer as of yet.

    I will ask again.

    Regarding the person who had problems using MMS to clean his artieries, becasue iot worked too fast and he did not prepare his artiers properly.

    How long did the person take MMS, how many drops (dosage) did he TAKE AND HOW MANY TIMES A DAY.

    How long did it take to strip the plaque from his arteries.

    I would like some more specific details as to how he used MMS and any other inforamtion you may have regarding how to use MMS to reverse Heart Disease.

    Can you E-mail me the response to

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