Cardiovascular disease is a pathology driven by inflammation that has taken place over many years. It is often described as the “silent killer”, because the disease is so progressive that an individual will not even be aware that anything is amiss until there is upwards of 60 – 70% occlusion in a number of coronary arteries. Symptoms that typically manifest are fatigue, lassitude, poor memory and shortness of breath.

Heart disease is a multifactorial consideration, as there is rarely just one decisive reason behind developing the disease. What’s interesting to note is that before the age of food technology came to be (towards the late 1920’s), heart disease was such a rare pathology that only one in 10,000 people would be afflicted by it. Now, one person out of every three will die from this condition.

A diet that is too high in sugar is a leading culprit – not the commonly but very askew belief that the long vilified cholesterol is to blame. Cholesterol has been ingested in far larger quantities than now for thousands of years – yet where was the heart disease? Anyways, this is time to get into the particulars of this condition, so I will summarize some of the more salient causative elements below:

  • Too many refined carbohydrates and processed foods that have high glycemic indexes, and that rapidly break down into blood glucose. These foods break down into fatty acids and glycerol – thus tending to convert to the much more harmful but less maligned rancid cholesterol.

  • Too many “bad” oils, such as the heavily marketed canola oils and margarines (these drive inflammation), and not nearly enough essential fatty acids, such as the omega 3 and 9, which actively reduce inflammation.

  • High levels of Homocysteine, C reactive protein, and fibrogen within the blood.

  • Not nearly enough clean water being consumed – alkaline water actively reduces acidity within the body. Inflammation is driven by an acidic environment within the body.


MMS assists with cardiovascular disease by actively reacting with acidic elements within the body. All stressors within the body tend to be acidic in nature – having a ph less than 7. The chlorine dioxide compound is classed as an oxidizer, meaning that it will actively strip electrons from any parasite, bacteria, virus or heavy metal that exists within the body. In effect, the compound is a very powerful chelating agent.

As more testimonials come in regarding the merits of miracle mineral supplement as a treatment for cardiovascular disease, we will keep you posted.








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