MMS and Chelation Therapy

Over the years there have been many different chelating agents, from EDTA, massive intravenous doses of intra venous ascorbic acid (by the way, this works well), etc, ect.

A lifetime exposed to heavy metals such a mercury from amalgam in tooth fillings, lead in paint, aluminium from cookware and early aluminium roofs, cadmium from fish – the list goes on and on…

The compound chlorine dioxide is an effective chelator of heavy metals primarily as it is a powerful oxidizer, effectively stripping electrons from metals upon contact – rendering them into less harmful compounds that are thus more readily eliminated from the body.

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Regarding heavy metal chelation, Jim Humble commented to me that MMS will quickly chelate heavy metals. This indicates expectation of die off reactions of course. (In my experience, if you do experience nausea soon after an MMS dose, take 2-4mg vit C immediately to deactivate it and prevent vomiting – you can also add a few capsules of activated charcoal, then go down to the previous tolerable dose the next day)

After personally suffering from my own health crisis involving a broken amalgam, I tried Modifilan which did nothing for me. Some months later I was introduced to PCA-RX by Maxam Labs, which is far surpassing anything in the way of safe and effective chelation and is so easy to comply with, especially for children. After only on the product for 1 month, my incessant leg pain finally went away and I will be finishing a full 3 month detox when funds allow. I cannot emphasize how important I think it is for any adult to do a detox with PCA-Rx. And it of course is reported to eliminate autistic behaviors and even Parkinson’s.

My opinion of MMS is that it is a very powerful quick acting molecule that has the potential to change the world and needs to be handled with great care by knowledgeable practitioners, especially with anyone having a urine pH of less than 7.5, which most of us likely are way below that with our modern convenience diets.

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  1. Hello. Does MMS help chelate “Copper” too/
    And can it totally kill off the host of the herpes which lays dormant at the end of the spine? I have both and already have the MMS with the citric acid and DMSO, but am going to wait till my colonoscopy if over and start next week. I also have a very weakened and toxic immune system with adrenal exhaustion. I am cautious at starting low and go slow at the lowest dose possible, to see how my adrenal and nervous system relate as I tend to have bad anxiety, adrenaline from the least illness or stress.
    I just got the book by Humble from my mom in the mail. I”m thinking starting out with 1/2 drop of MMS once or twice the first day and see how I do and than up it to a whole drop once or twice a day and than a drop every 2-3 hours for 7 hours. Advise?

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