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Whenever the topic of cancer presents itself, and the many so called cures out there that abound of late – it is difficult not to meet such claims with a certain amount of skepticism. After all, cancer has been a scourge of modern civilization for a very long time, and regardless of what would appear to be the best efforts of modern science to curb this disease – we have made very little progress whatsoever.

Even though it is difficult to believe, the active compound within MMS once activated becomes a very powerful destroyer of pathogenic stressors within the body. Again, as we have covered comprehensively within the article on the home page of this blog, MMS is not so mach a magic cure or the proverbial “silver bullet”, but rather very intelligent chemistry at work.

Cancer in all of its manifestations requires an acidic environment to propagate, thus giving the infected tissue a positive charge with an acidic quality – as the main article points out in explicit detail, the activated compound chlorine dioxide has a powerful affinity to such diseased tissue, and upon coming in contact with cancerous activity, immediately strips anywhere from 4 – 6 electrons from these foreign invaders. This spells disaster for unwell tissue, as well as bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus – and a whole host of pathogens that are positively charged and thrive in an acidic environment.

As the main article illustrates in detail, MMS or more specifically once activated chlorine dioxide, is in essence a powerful oxidizer that targets only diseased tissue and micro organisms that are foreign to the healthy mechanics of the human body – thus preferentially sparing and remaining inert in the presence of healthy tissue.

Below I will post testimonials from various sources from individuals who have no vested interests whatsoever in the marketing and distribution of this product – they only share there experiences with others in the hope that this product can make a difference in the world, and thus get as much of it out there in the hands of the public before powerful vested interests and multi nationals move in to shut outlaw this product.


Note: Such action within Australia, New Zealand, and the USA are already being implemented.


The response below is made by a man named Adam………. , and is in his own right is an authority on MMS and its health benefits – as well as being a close friend of Jim Humble. Aside from this, his blog is excellent, and can be found at the following link

 Dear Jinny,

We use “words” to communicate. You certainly use a lot to make an assertion that MMS is a scam when it is not. I could stop here, and we could be done. You seem to be talking about prior experiences with someone and a product which has nothing to do with whether MMS is valid or not.

The truth is this: will MMS help “cure” cancer? YES, it CAN. WILL it “cure” YOUR cancer (assuming that is what you have)? It DEPENDS on YOU. It depends on where it is. It depends on your ATTITUDE, determination, commitment, trust and faith — not in MMS, but in YOURSELF.

How long will it take? As long as it takes FOR YOU. Many people have “cured” their cancer using the miracle mineral supplement. They didn’t use just one thing, they used many, including MMS. Their success will not help YOU whatsoever if YOU don’t understand what contributes to the growth and maintenance of tumors, and CHANGE those factors. If you want a “cure” without changing anything, then it’s unlikely to happen, no matter what you use.

I have read the book, and am comfortable with the efficacy of MMS and chlorine dioxide. I have spoken to many doctors who now recommend it for a wide variety of pathogen overload conditions (cancer is a pathogen overload condition).

I have given you information. Your perception of being talked down to, or lashed out at, are yours, and part of why your healing appears to remain out of reach. Please find something to believe in, starting with your self, for that where healing begins.

Best wishes,



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