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Here is a post that Jim Humble posted on his website regarding the use of MMS topically.

I believe he said to use water in the solution IF your skin is sensitive to the MMS topically, but I invite you to read on:

Insufficient hydration can occur due to any blockage in the circulatory system, which is not comprised of just veins and arteries, but much smaller passageways such as capillaries. According to Jim Walker, Holocaust: American Style, the circulatory system in the human body has 62,000 miles of plumbing. It should be looked upon as a hydraulic system, with fluid pumped through it. Blockages, caused by plaque build-up, or particulates in the blood plasma (water), will inhibit circulation in some areas. When the inhibition is prolonged, blockage happens. When blockage is prolonged, oxygen supply to the area is restricted, and when that occurs, cell death (necrosis) happens.

When cell death happens, microorganisms that don’t need oxygen to live on, are summoned. Their purpose is to sustain life, by halting the spread of cell death. After all, if the necrosis continued to spread, the host would eventually be toast. However, the anaerobic microorganisms also produce waste products, which lower the body’s pH. Plus, the more severe the necrosis, the larger the microbial party. And so, a circle is created… or perhaps a downward spiral that gets worse the longer it lasts.

Enter chlorine dioxide, a gaseous molecule with a weak bond that lasts in that state for only 2 hours, and breaks down into a harmless amount of salt and water. However, while it exists, it can immediately de-activate any anaerobic microorganism because it takes up to 5 of the electrons from the molecular structures that maintain the integrity of the organism’s physical form. When this electron transfer occurs, the microorganism, or the organic pathogen (heavy metal, etc.), becomes debris, to be “flushed” out of the body.

I got carried away. The answer is “yes,” MMS can help RA. Your wife should drink some form of high alkaline or structured water, to ensure effective hydration. Hydration would mean that oxygen is getting into the cell, which can then be converted into ATP (energy). That’s when life and health happens.

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