MMS & Candida

The following testimonials have been sourced from a number of different blogs and informational reference points across the net, and are all from individuals not seeking financial remuneration from testimonials given. Rather, these are pieces of correspondence from other seekers of the truth, regaling us with their own personal experience with MMS.


Below is a fairly comprehensive description of an individual suffering from Candida, as well as other fnugal conditions, and how MMS aided in the treatment of these pathologies.

So far I have noticed that my breathing is better and my sinuses are clear. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I told several doctors and ENTs that I don’t snore when my nose is clear but they all ignored me. They suggested losing weight and using a CPAP machine. I tried the machine two times, but it couldn’t push the air past my plugged nose.  I also suspect that I have candida. I never even believed in it before, but the more I read about the symptoms the more I believe that I have it. I’ve had athletes foot since junior high school (40+ years). I’ve had jock itch for the past ten years. I had a bad case of ringworm for two years (one doctor told me it was a rash from my pants rubbing, in the meantime it spread from about the size of a quarter to cover most of my thigh). I also got toenail fungus about 10 years ago.

Last year my saliva started to get “weird”. It got thicker and kind of sour tasting. I also had a few sessions of extremely dry mouth to the point where I had to get out of bed to drink water because my mouth was totally dry. I think these might be Candida related. I also have the brain fog and feel tired and have low energy all the time. About the time my saliva changed I got really run down. One day I sent out and dug up a lot of dirt and wheel barrowed it to another location. A week later I could barely lift the shovel.

So far on the MMS I’ve noticed my saliva is becoming more normal. I am sleeping better. My nose is clear at night and I don’t snore. Brain fog was getting better at first, but now I may be herxing so it is back but different.

I have also been applying MMS topically. I soak my feet in it and the athletes foot is clearing up. My toenails are no longer yellow (probably due to the bleaching effect). I forgot to mention that I have several patches of dry skin. They may be eczema or psoriasis. The rub the MMS on these areas and they are clearing up. I had one very dry and itchy spot between my eyebrows that is completely gone. I applied it directly to the jock itch and it is much better. Had a lot of skin slough off from that.

To make the foot soak I mix up a two drop dose and then add it to my soak water. I also mix up a one drop dose and add it to my Water Pik tank.

Also noticed that some joints work better. I probably have the beginning of arthritis in my hands. I can now make a fist much easier than before. There is an intersection nearby where you have to turn almost all the way around to watch for traffic. I went through yesterday and noticed turning my head was much easier. So far I am pleased with the results.


 The brief testimonial below shows the relationship between fungal overgrowths and less than positive mood – and how MMS helped remedy this.

You are supposed to take MMS between meals, waiting at least an hour after eating – because the antioxidants neutralize the MMS. Natural fruit juice does not. I didn’t recall reading anything about protein interacting with it, but that doesn’t mean that isn’t so. Generally I take it mid morning and late at night before going to bed.

 Regarding the HIV patient who after MMS found sleep patterns normalizing – I’ve found sleep patterns are most often disrupted due to toxicity, disease, and overeating. Get rid of the toxins and you will sleep better. Also until I did the MMS I did not fully appreciate how dramatically a chemical imbalance in the body can mess up your emotional and mental state – until I also became much more clear headed, and HAPPY! for the first time in years. I was one of those who was overloaded with yeast, so the mood is related to that.


 The observations I’ve made in my own personal experience of MMS do not support the direct reaction to MMS theory you’ve proposed.

My first week of reactions were all centred in my sinuses, neck, head, and jawbone areas that I think related to the death of some infection of a root canal I have. If MMS were directly toxic to tissues, I would have expected gastrointestinal symptoms first, not confined to my face and head. And if it were toxic to face and head, continuation should have increased the symptoms rather than abated them.

3 or 4 days ago (after 5 weeks of MMS use) I finally had the loose bowels and vomiting after taking a third dose that I’m not ramped up to while trying to fight a head cold. I have continued with that dose since then, with no belly effects to speak of. If the MMS were directly toxic, I would have thought that continued ingestion would make the belly symptoms increasingly strong, but that’s not what happened for me at all. Instead, I feel better than I have in 10 years at least.

That one person felt the MMS was killing beneficial bacteria does not make it a fact. It may, it may not, I don’t know with any certainty. But it hasn’t made me feel that I have to go to any great lengths to renew my gut bacteria beyond my normal daily ingestion of Kefir.

I think it more likely that it could upset the gut balance by killing of the bad guys like candida overgrowth whose remains are quite difficult to tolerate in large numbers and can make one feel quite ill. In that case it would be highly desirable to fill the “void” left with probiotics in any event, and to do some intestinal cleansing activities to speed the removal of the residue.

It does go against every instinct to drink this chlorine-like smelly stuff, but it has done me so much good in so many ways that I’m convinced of its efficacy. Every “detox” reaction I’ve had has been followed by yet another level of clearing of something and an increased sense of well being. I certainly have no sense of harming myself, although that sick belly day was a doozy!


I have been taking MMS for almost one month and am up to 15 drops. Had diarreah one day when I took 4 drops, twice in one hour. No problem since then. I also have had Candida for many years and it is gone now and all the pain I had in my feet and legs also gone. Feeling great at 74 years old. Hang in there and pass the word on to every one you know.


 I am a 46 yo woman who has struggled with systemic candida for over 25 years. Also, because I have traveled extensively around the world, I am aware that I have been exposed to many parasites. I have been very diligent in doing cleanses/detox for both of these issues with various results. Part of my health regime has also been consuming drops of 5% sodium chlorite in water…so I was very interested reading about Jim Humble and MMS.

These are some of the symptoms I have experienced since starting the MMS:

I began with 1 drop at bedtime. The next morning I felt I was beginning to get an upper respiratory infection with allot of sinus pressure and drainage. I used my Neti pot and I felt much better. This happened again another day, but I never did get sick.

I continued to add an additional drop of MMS each night. At 4 drops, I was feeling very sensitive to the chemical taste/smell of the MMS-citric acid combination and I thought I might not be able to continue. Several times, my skin was somewhat itchy and I felt a bit queasy..but only occasionally throughout the day. I skipped the next day but then continued with 3 drops and I had no problem, not even with the smell-taste. After 5 drops, I noticed my plantar wart going away. At 10 drops I experienced some diarrhea (but not the type that continues all day) so I backed off to 9 drops for a couple of days. I experienced the symptoms of a bladder infection for about a day and a half (burning, frequent urination), but it is now gone. The next time I took 10 drops at bedtime, the following morning, after drinking some coffee, I projectile vomited (sorry). I felt no nausea afterwards.

Today, I saw my MD and reported to her about the bladder issue I was having earlier in the week. She tested me and found some of the bacteria still there. Although she wrote me a prescription, I will not fill it unless I begin to feel the symptoms coming back again. It is very clear to me that the MMS is working and I think the symptoms are part of a healing crisis. I’ll keep you updated if I notice anything else. I’m curious to know if anyone else is experiencing any of these symptoms…?

 I started MMS about a week ago. I am up to 10 drops twice a day and have started to notice nausea and slight diarrhea. (BTW, I just saw the ‘rice’ in the toilet, I wonder what it is?)