MMS and Malaria


Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement and the term malaria have long been inseperable for a number of years now – in fact, this was how the product MMS gained its publicity. There is no need to recapitulate the complete story of how Jim discovered the possibilities of treating malaria with his initial solution of sodium chlorite whilst on expedition, but needless to say – many, many people have been cured from this virus.

Anytime that the term ”cure” is used in the same sentence as disease – alarm bells ring for many, and rightly so, for it is a rare thing indeed for a product to come along that actually works! Jim Humble has personally treated over 2500 people all over Africa, and has trained missionaries that have gone on to treat over 75,000 more malaria afflicted individuals. The success rate has been very close to 100% – difficult to believe, but in this case much of the claims have been documented and backed by rigorous scientific testing and solid empiracal data.  Within Jim Humble’s free eBook, testimonials from many doctors, as well as blood work taken before and then after the treatment with MMS clearly show beyond any measure of doubt that the virus is gone – difficult to belief, but true regardless. If you would like to read more of Jim Humble’s many years of field work and extensive documention supporting these claims, then please download the following link to the 120 plus page eBook – if you are skeptical, please feel free to download this free eBook and spend the few hours required to read it to draw your own conclusions.