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Jim Humble is the man that discovered what some would say as simple, yet undeniably powerful treatment for almost all pathogenic stressors that are known ot modern man. A big claim indeed – but upon looking further into this compound, it is difficult to deny the success that MMS is now enjoying.

Jim first became illumined to the possibility that he may be onto something whilst on expedition looking for gold deep within Central America. Before long, two of the team’s expedition members were stricken with a deadly strain of malaria – without intervention the likelihood of death was very high. Help was on its way, but still a good two days away, and by that time it may be too late.

Jim had been taking sodium chlorite for years, and would pack it before each foray into the jungle as a water sterilization tool – thus allowing him to drink local but perhaps contaminated water without concern. As there was no other option, Jim dosed each of the two members with his personal supply of liquid oxygen – and to everyone’s amazement, both were up and joking about their experience in less than four hours later.

Upon returning home, over the next several years Jim continued to explore the workings of this compound, and exactly what it was that was so effective against Malaria. Within this period of time, Humble personally treated over 2000 people with malaria in Africa, whilst missionaries that he has trained have effectively treated over 75,000 more malaria victims.

Jim began his career in the aerospace industry in which he decided upon becoming a research engineer. Jim doesn’t speak of this often, but he worked on the first intercontinental missile, worked on lunar vehicles, wrote instruction manuals for the first vacuum tube computers, set up experiments for atomic bombs, completely wired up the first machine to be controlled by computers at the Hughes aircraft company – and also invented the first automatic garage door!

Recently Jim has authored a book outlining his experiences with the miracle mineral supplement from the day of conception up until he settled upon the final solution that has now become the industry standard. Certain parts of this book have been written by qualified medical doctors, who come highly regarded. As Jim’s background is steeped heavily within the field of science, there is an enormous volume of documented material outlining every aspect of his field testing with MMS.

Jim has also authored 4 books on updating older technology and reducing the risk of chemical exposure whilst extracting minerals from its ore. Jim also discovered a way in which mercury can be completely removed from the gold recovery process entirely.

These are some of Jim Humble’s achievements, but all of this is not nearly as important to him as returning to Africa with government support to eradicate the scourge of malaria.

Note: Jim Humble is completely altruistic with his relationship with the miracle mineral supplement – he has given it away to the world to get it out there and does not receive any financial remuneration from the proceeds of it being sold.












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